Crop Productivity Constraints in Bangladesh:

>> Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crop production constraints influence production in various ways. Some of them are fixed and cannot be changed easily but they influence production and require adjustment. Some of the important constraints are briefly described below-

1. Climate, land and soil:

  Climate, land and soil are the primary requisites on which agricultural production is dependent upon. Without proper climate, land and soil no crop can be grown. 

2. Farmers:

  The farmer’s intelligence, technique and sustained ability for growing crops are another important requisite for agricultural production. In spite of having ideal climate land and soil if the farmers are not efficient, agricultural production is bound to be low. 

3. Seeds and fertilizers:

  Seeds are the basic inputs of agricultural production and fertilizer furnishes the requirement of there is any deficiency of nutrient. So quality seeds and timely availability and application of fertilizer are very important for crop production.

4. Plant protection measures:

  It is well recognized that pest and diseases cause great loss to crop production at various stages. Action should be taken to control them and minimize losses.

5. Machineries:

  There is needed to take stock of various indigenous tolls as well as improved machineries which are in use on the countries and in the region.

6. Extension programme:
  Proper propagation and dissemination of knowledge of production need to be transmitted to the masses at a great speed through appropriate extension programme.

7. Credit:
  Credit is need for production purposes. They should be provided to the farmers as and when necessary.

8. Organization:
  Organizations like research, extension, educations, information etc do play important roles in respective spheres of agricultural development for increased production.


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