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>> Friday, August 26, 2011

It is an undeniable fact that when we work or stay in front of the computer for any When you work at a computer for any time-span, we commonly experience distorted vision, eye strain and many other symptoms generally referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS). These commonly include itching eyes, severe headaches among others. Unfortunately most people are unaware that these pernicious effects can easily be avoided. How? Well, simply by using Computer eye glasses.

It is unequivocal that computer eye glasses differ from regular/traditional eye glasses in several ways. In computer eye glasses, a particular type of lens is utilized. This specific model of lenses will focus on the precise distance that exists between our eyes and the screen of the computer. In this way, the glasses not only successfully protect the eyes of the person in front of the screen but it will also reduce the strain on the eyes thus helping us get rid of headaches, eye burning and innumerable other undesired effects. In a way, this will most unquestionably increase the efficiency and “productivity” of the user since he/she will be able to better concentrate on the work without facing any health issues.

I say health issues because often when users experience blurred vision or eye strain, they bend forward and this action result in aching neck and a sore back. In brief, these computer eye glasses will prevent all this and enable any user to have a conspicuous and clear view of the screen without requiring him/her to exert excessive pressure on the eyes. It is therefore ideal for any computer user and increases simultaneously productivity while reducing health issues.

It is essential however to consult an eye specialist and learn specifically what is the optimum lens power you may need for your computer glasses. No need to buy the glasses from anywhere just because you are in a hurry. It is better to look for the glasses that will suit you best( both in quality and in taste) from a large collection of online websites which not only offer fashionable eyeglasses but do so at an affordable price. What are you waiting for? Buy your eye glasses now and enjoy a clear vision and increased productivity!


Other Refractive Surgeries in St. Louis?

>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

LASIK is one of the laser treatments for modifying corneal curvature, which improves the vision for people having the problems with far sightedness and near sightedness. This treatment is getting popular in people to get rid of corrective glasses, contact lenses and spectacles. As eyes are the most sensitive organs of human body, so mostly people are well concerned about the side effects of this treatment, if any?

Mostly LASIK is a refractive surgery based on laser treatment usually preformed by the ophthalmologists. LASIK St. Louis is coming up as the viable alternative to glasses and contact lenses to enhance vision. Among the patients having problems with the vision, LASIK Surgery in St. Louis is getting popular because of its fastest recovery time and improved results. LASIK treatment is very successful laser based painless surgery treatment through which millions of people got glass free vision.

Beside the success of LASIK treatment in St.Louis, it has some limitations. LASIK treatment is feasible for patients having thick corneas and for patients with steep and flat corneas. During the flap cutting process bio-mechanics of the cornea is also likely to weaken. EPILASIK St. Louis is another refractive surgery treatment which provides more feasible treatment to patients for whom LASIK treatment is not recommended or feasible. This treatment overcomes the risks and limitations of Lasik treatment. This is the most innovative technique of flap replacement. Patients undergoing for EPILASK treatment are suggested to remove the contact lens 1-2 weeks before coming for the treatment. Mostly doctors suggest this treatment for patients above 18 years of age.

Zyoptix is another refractive surgery for the personalized vision correction using wave front based data of an individual eye. It is a special multidimensional corneal diagnostic procedure which provides in the detailed analysis. It involves the most modern and precise breakthrough technology to obtain the precise data of the disorder to deal with. Zyoptix facilitates the surgeons for the successful correction utilizes the diagnostic information through which they apply customized ablation through LASIK and other surgery treatments.

Intralase Lasik is another refractive surgery method which is 100% blade-free approach to for creating the corneal flap. This method is however can only be performed by Intralase F5 Laser. Surgeons use an instrument called a microkerotome for the development of corneal flaps. The microkerotome based blade then moves across the eye, cutting the corneal flap during the development procedure. Intralase Lasik technology is one of the best available technologies in the field of refractive surgery which facilitates and enables the surgeon to develop the corneal flap without touching the eye with blades. Doctors, Surgeons and specialists at St. Louis are committed to provide most innovative, effective and efficient corneal flap development procedures for the patients. With the passage of time, ongoing research is coming out with more innovative ideas and products through which people will get glass and lens free precise vision. Refractive surgery treatments are very much popular and successful surgeries as described by the people of St. Louis.


Before any surgery you must first know it benefits and risk before, during and after doing it. Before receiving Lasik surgery your eye doctor will perform an evaluation to make sure that you are a decent candidate for the procedure. Your present and past medical history, condition and known allergies become important in determining the best course of action to take. Your current medication becomes in to a play before your initial evaluation, you will be asked to stop wearing your eye glasses or soft contact for a specific period of time of usually about 2 to 4 weeks.

You will learn on what to expect before, during and after the surgery as well as what is expected of you during this period. After that the doctor will present a consent form for signature. Day before the surgery you need to designate driver because many patient faces blurry vision immediately after the surgery for about 24 hours to 48 hours. Surgery only takes about 30 minutes and it performed while you are lying on your back in a reclining chair within an exam room. After the surgery your eyes might burn, feel compromised or itch which is always normal to fell like that.

Lasik surgery requirements. If you have decided to take your surgery from Lasik surgery you must have the following requirements; you must have at least 18 years of age, free of eye injury or infection, posses a stable vision for at least one year, not nursing or pregnant, without cornea scarring, hold realistic expectation, without dry eye syndrome and have no history of herpes infection in the eye. And patient with dilate more than seven millimeters in the dark are not considered good candidates for Lasik surgery.

Benefits of Lasik surgery. Majority of their patients are quite pleased with the result because of the immediate improvement in vision is one of the best benefits of the procedure. There is also are cash relief that takes place when the costly purchase of corrective eye glasses are no longer needed. Their patients also enjoys activities as they are able to take advantage of more fulfilling social, career responsibility and recreational. Lasik surgery provides a new lease on life that also boosts confidence and self- esteem.

Disadvantages of Lasik surgery. Although Lasik surgery is quite desirable a patient should become familiar with the possible set backs associated with the procedure. The cost of one eye is typically between $2,200 to $2,250, the surgery is complicated can worsen your eye or they can get better so this is the tricky behind the Lasik surgery. There is also side effect to Lasik surgery you can see halos around images or even dry eyes.


A look at Eye decisions: Refractive surgeries The eyes of a person are said to carry more or less of everything about them. Even though we probably n

The eyes of a person are said to carry more or less of everything about them. Even though we probably never give our eyes as much attention as they deserve, we should change this attitude alike. Some eye complications are avoidable, others you cant see them coming. As the world embraces technology in its best, Refractive surgeries in St.louis are proving to be very productive.

Basically, refractive surgery is a minute term, which refers to describe all forms of eye operations, having anything to do with refractive problems. These errors may be:

§ Astigmatism

§ Hyperopic

§ Myopic

Refractive surgeries in St.louis, aim to correct these eye errors, so that the patient can be free from wearing glasses or eye contacts alike. Whenever you mention refractive, then “LASIK” quickly jumps to motion. This is an operation where the cornea is reshaped. The abbreviation stands for “Laser in situ keratomileusis.” It is a laser borne surgery procedure.

LASIK in St.louis attributes to 30% of the 90% refractive surgeries, which take place in America, to counter eye ailments. Just because you have been diagnosed with an eye error, doesn’t mean that you automatically qualify for a LASIK in St. Louis. An optician may refer you to undergo:



§ LTK ( laser thermal keratoplasty)

§ PRK ( photo refractive keratectomy)

§ CK and

§ AK

All the above are procedures that sideline refractive surgeries in St.louis. Never the less, refractive operations are now being replaced by other non-laser procedures such as:

· ICL ( implantable lenses)

· Implantable segments of the cornea

· CK ( conductive keratoplasty)

· AK ( astigmatic keratoplasty)

· RK ( radial keratoplasty)

Now back to, LASIK in St.louis, the public is now fully aware that signing up from this procedure is a life long-term decision. Doctors who perform this operations, are well, qualified and guarantee quick recovery which matches accuracy for your healing. However, LASIK St.louis surgeries come with a few risks, which will be addressed to you by you doctor.


Since LASIK St.louis is now an affordable procedure, most patients might be torn to sign up without knowing what they might face. For instance, any patient having:

ü Diabetes

ü Glaucoma

ü Vascular diseases which are uncontrollable

ü Autoimmune complications and or

ü Having Pregnancy

Automatically get disqualified from undergoing this operation. Once a specialized optician has realized that you also suffer from retina or cornea eye diseases, you also cannot be out through LASIK St.louis. The human eye normally experiences discomfort and issues to do with the cornea. It is for this reason that majorly LASIK surgeries in St.louis were established. With this in mind you might find a patient having their cornea thinning up after surgery. This condition is referred to as “Corneal Ecstasies” The laser used during LASIK surgery in St.louis, can be a probable reason for you to have an advancement of this condition. You should therefore be aware of contraindications such as “keratoconus” (the condition where your cornea is thinning before repair via laser surgery)

Majorly, there isn’t an institute that guarantees total correction of eye errors, but LASIK surgery in St.louis, assures you that 95% of your issues are addressed. With the best doing the best, you can only expect so much.


Making LASIK Surgery Affordable

How much does the LASIK surgery cost?

LASIK surgery is a relatively new innovative method which requires the use of modern expensive equipment. It is also necessary that the performing surgeon should be highly skilled and reputable. This is the case with LASIK St. Louise: up-to-the-date laser equipment and well trained and thoroughly selected stuff. Definitely, the procedure cannot cost small money. It is usually several thousand dollars per eye. It is usually both eyes that need surgery.

Does LASIK in St. Louis finance LASIK procedures?

Like other providers, LASIK in St. Louis can offer different options for financing refractive surgeries in St. Louis facility. Experienced financial coordinators and advisers can help any patient to choose the plan suitable his or her particular budget.

What method of payment can a patient use?

Practically all LASIK institutions offer multiple methods of payment for their services. LASIK St. Louis is not an exception. Patients can pay in cash, in personal checks, debit cards or all major types of credit cards. Third-party financing and house financing options are absolutely possible. When paying for refractive surgeries in St. Louis, patients can combined methods of payment and use any combination of them.

Who can afford LASIK surgery?

Definitely, not everyone can. LASIK in St. Louis is an institution where they try to help everyone who needs the treatment and do their best to help the patient to solve the financial problem. Usually it is the settlement of paying affordable amounts of money on a monthly basis. People go for refractive surgeries in St. Louis, and having chosen the most favourable financial plan keep paying during the recovery period and even longer. The monthly instalments could range from a little more than a hundred dollars and up to half a thousand.

What is third party financing?

LASIK St. Louis co-operates with healthcare financial institutions that finance patients. In this case patients pay for LASIK surgery in St. Louis in full, and later pay off the debt to the financing company. LASIK surgeons in St. Louis have experience in third party financing cases and usually know if they could approve of the financial company of not. LASIK in St. Louis’s financial specialists can request for a clearance check for both patients and their financial companies, which is absolutely necessary and lawful in any business.

Where is the catch?

There is no catch. LASIK St. Louis just wants to help its patients. Long term payments, of course, imply payments of interest. Interest rate varies depending on the plan. Like many similar institutions in Western Europe (the example is EuroEyes from Hamburg, Germany), LASIK in St. Louis can offer zero per cent interest for short-term payment plans. It is not very hard to establish the eligibility for financing. The application process is simple and similar to that of banks or car dealerships. The patient is to prove the ability to pay and meet some certain criteria. Usually patients going for LASIK surgery in St. Louis are not required to submit the whole health history record: there is nothing beyond necessary for this particular procedure. Applications for refractive surgeries in St. Louis can be submitted even online, which makes it still easier.


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