Morphology of Soyabean

>> Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bengali name: Gari kalai / Talkalai / soyabean

English name: Soybean

Scientific name: Glycine max

Family: Leguminous.

Origin: China

Climate: Is a subtropical plant. Best adapted to warm and humid climate; grown during hot summer in temperate areas. Can be grown as rainfed crops in areas having 600mm well distributed rainfall. Optimum temperature 75-85° F.

Soil: Perform better in alluvial / clay loam soils. Sensitive to alkali; pH 6.0-6.5 is regarded optimum.

Land preparation: 4 plowing + 2-3 laddering.

Seed rate & sowing time: For seed and production purpose: mid December-mid January
  For seed and production purpose: September- October
  For only seed: end of July-end of August.
Seed rate is for G-2: 35-40 kg / ha. Shohag: 70-80 kg / ha,  
  For small seeds: 50-60 kg / ha, for large seeds: 70-80 kg / ha
Line sowing; spacing 30-40 cm, broadcasting, dribbling (2-4 seeds / drill)
Dept of sowing is 3-5cm.

Weeding: Should be kept free up to 35 Das
Two hand weeding at 15 DAS and 35 DAS

Fertilizer dose: Urea…………….50-60 kg / ha
  TSP……………..150-175 kg / ha
  MP………………100-110 kg / ha
  Gypsum………….80-115 kg / ha
  Used during final land preparation.

Irrigation: Flower initiation and pod filling stage

Varieties: Shohag (PB-1), Bangladeshi soybean ( G-2), Bragg, Davis

Harvesting: Leaves turn yellow and fall off. Pods turn brown.

Yield: 1500-2000 kg / ha


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