Self-defense classes for women

>> Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If you’ve been mugged before, then you clearly know how traumatizing the ordeal can be. As the economy gets worse, so does the crime rate. Women are the most vulnerable when it comes to mugging and most of them don’t know how to handle themselves in these kinds of situation. Well, all that is about to change. This article gives you information on self-defense and how you can protect yourself in case of a mugging.

The best part about self-defense classes is the fact that anyone of any age can join and learn some new moves that will keep them safe in different situations. Mugging/street fights can be very dangerous as there isn’t a referee or anyone to break up the fight. The muggers will usually be armed and won’t hesitate to use their crude weapons. Self defense classes will come in handy in more ways than one. You will be taught how to handle yourself in different situations and avoid mugging.

Most martial arts schools will emphasize on the “free and flee” rule. This is where you are taught how to free yourself from a mugger and walk away safe with all your belongings intact. The self-defense instructors will also provide you with books and videos to help you grasp the concept even better. This can be used at home or any other place.

The training offered to ladies might be a little different from what men would get but will serve an equally important purpose. Women can now walk to their cars without too much worry about security. Armed with some pepper spray and self-defense moves, muggers won’t stand a chance.

The self defense classes are usually very cheap and almost anyone interested can join in. All the instructor will require is dedication and everything will fall into place.


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