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When designing this product, comfort for the consumer was second their “to do list.” The first key issue was to deliver a blow of quality, which had to merge up with comfort. Most clients had prior to the creation of the Action Prestige, Series Lift Petite wide button lift chair, inquired if the ALC company would create an item that suites their needs. By needs, quality and comfort were the main issues to be addressed.

Wisconsin is the home to the Craftsmen (American) in charge of hand making these chairs. As with many other hand made items, these Action chairs offer a lifetime of durability. They offer a 3years warrant upon purchase. You now have a chance to be part of this heritage for your own good.

The wide button lift chair configurations.

Height ahs always been a factor to consider, when the lift chair was being designed. Do you fall into the “normal height category?” This Prestige Series Petite Wide Button Lift Chair, is tailored to fit your composition. Unlike other shipments, you are guaranteed to receive your product just within less than 42 days from the start of shipping. There is also a free pass added to ship the chairs, in addition of n interests if you will pay up within 6months.

The beauty of design in details

Design: These Prestige chairs are sculptured to fit your body, so as to offer optimum comfort at all times. They are also available in a wide range of colors to spoil your choice whenever.

Features: It is packed to entice you with its 3 adjustable sitting positions. These are basically the standardized setting for all comfort chairs. N addition to this, there is the chair collection features, as with all Action, Prestige, Series Lift Chair collections. If you were looking for a defect free lift chair, then you are home. Also included are “heating pads,” among other items such as vibe (optional). It only weighs 125 Kg, while covering a surface of only 18inches.

Seat dimensions: The overall view is at 24" H x 26" W x 19" D and 39" H x 34" W x 37" D. It therefore a very mobile tool to use whether you’re in your office, or at home. Find delight and combine it with an affordable expenditure for your own good. It’s as easy as rewarding yourself when you least thought you could do it. Another good thing with Wide button chairs is that they generally make a statement. How? This is majorly placed on the articulate detailed design. Any form of hand made work is assuring to please you. With These prestige series partly hand made, the blow of taking charge is ne you can’t afford to miss. Be aware that by acquiring this chair, you have solemnly made a marriage vow. This is one which caters for your needs and assures your comfort as the only priority. Love yourself and grab one today, from the lender near you.


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