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>> Sunday, August 7, 2011

The terms “employee award” and “employee recognition” have often been used interchangeably to elaborate about incentives in the workplace that have been provided by employers. Employers can raise the morale of staff by the use of both staff recognition and staff awards programs. Recognition is usually an incentive that is not monetary while awards programs are financial incentives. Awards and recognition is a perfect way to acknowledge staff loyalty and performance. The types of awards/recognition can vary according to the size of a company, its budget and even the levels of job satisfaction and morale.

Individual staff awards

Employers who recognize staff who do exceptionally well in their daily duties and responsibilities get the recognition from their managers’ evaluations. This however may become a routine such that it loses it meaning especially if staff is made of exceptional employees. Individual recognition can be in the form of a personal letter of commendation from the management to an employee to recognize their stellar performance. Similarly, a handwritten note from a manager to a staff can also be a great way of showing recognition.

Team recognition

You can also showcase the accomplishments of a department that surpasses company targets as a way of recognizing them for their team effort. This type of recognition motivates other departments and reassures every team member and department leader that bosses appreciate talent, skills as well as dedication. A short article in a company newsletter or a plaque can convey recognition for team effort.

Individual employee awards

Employees can be given financial incentives like bonuses at the end of the year or prizes. This is a form of awards programs meant to reward excellence and consistent performance. Many employers can use performance ratings to work out the size of a financial incentive which can motivate some employees to improve and exceed company expectations.

Company-wide awards

A department, work group or entire staff of a company can be given token awards as a sign of recognition. The awards programs can include outings, fully-paid luncheons or gifts for each and every employee. Some employers award their staff during holidays with cash bonuses, gift certificates or small tokens of equal amounts to all their staff. This type of awards programs which is financial is the most equitable method of showing recognition and appreciation for staff loyalty and dedication all year round. It also helps eliminate unhealthy competition in the workplace.


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