The fundamentals of Walther Paintball for beginners

>> Thursday, August 11, 2011

This article will seek to give a clear and detailed overview concerning how the Walther Paintball guns work, where they are used and the various types that are available.

A Walther paintball gun basically looks like a real gun but has a few modifications added to it. The paintball guns also known as paintball markers have a variety of extra features that allow it to be loaded with paintball capsules for shooting. This modification is known as a loader or hopper which facilitates the loading of the paintballs. Two methods are primarily used in the loading of the paintballs. Either the electronically force fed system or the gravity based system are used on the guns. The electronically forced system of loading is the most advanced as it makes use of a unique way of loading the paintball capsules. A tank containing highly compressed air or carbon dioxide is used in the propulsion of the paintball in the electronically force fed system when the trigger is pulled. For the gravity fed system, the paintballs drop into the firing chamber as a result of gravity after the preceding one has been fired.

The Walther guns make use of paint capsules that are comprised of different substances. A standard paintball is made primarily from polyethylene glycol and some other substances whish are water soluble. The quality of the paintball will depend on a number of different features. The ease with which the capsule breaks on impact and the amount of filling thickness used are both major factors to consider when one is making a paintball. It should also be noted that the paintballs are not made with any toxic materials that may cause harm to an opponent during game play. The numbers of customizations that one can put on their Walther paintball markers are quite many. Ranging from fitting the guns with custom scopes to installing longer barrels that enhance the range or precision of the shot made.

There are a number of different barrels available for the Walther gun that is sure to improve ones weapon. The paintball marker also comes in a variety of calibers ranging from small caliber pistols to the large caliber assault rifles. Bazookas are also available for those who want the complete feel of a real battle while paint grenades and also mine can be acquired. The presence of such an assortment of arms has been helpful in drawing in the large amounts of paintball enthusiasts to the artificial battle zones. Due to the large crowd attracted by paintball several tournaments have been developed, with some attracting over five hundred players in a single tournament. The tournaments are heavily regulated and each participant has to comply with the safety requirements in place as this helps in the reduction of injuries.

Due to the strict safety requirements and the nature of the sport, Walther have developed a range of accessories that can be used in tournaments or when just having fun. They have provided head masks and goggles to ensure that the person receiving paintball fire has their face and eyes protected especially in close range shootings. However, many tournaments do not allow for close range firing since the paint may be able to seep through the perforations on the goggles or masks. Other practices which are not allowed include ramping. Although this effect may not be known to most novice users, it is illegal in most tournaments and if allowed it is normally under strict rules and conditions. This occurs when a certain limit of shots is exceeded and the resulting effect is that the paintball marker fires rounds of paintballs at a faster rate than the user is pulling the trigger which some professionals of the sport consider as cheating.

Law enforcers and military personnel have also embraced the use of paintball markers in their training drills due to a variety of reasons. The use of paintball ammunition reduces the risk of injury to the recruits during their training since they do not make use of live ammunition. Paintball guns have enabled the trainees gain valuable field experience on how to suppress riots and subdue suspects without the use of lethal force. The fact that the paintball markers can be used on different simulations of terrain and in any weather conditions, military personnel have been able to train extensively for different scenarios. Although the benefits of the development of paintball are many, there have been several negative results that they have brought about. Terrorists have been able to effectively train through simulations on how to effectively carry out their mission while inflicting as much damage as possible.

The Walther paintball guns are available in various authorized dealership stores complete with other many accessories. They are offered at pocket friendly prices which have resulted in the increase of the number of paintball fans. Some of the stores offer free shipping services to those who are not in their vicinity which has greatly encouraged more people into being interested in paintball as a sport. The Walther paintball markers have also been helpful in giving most people a once in a lifetime battle zone experience. The tournaments have created fanatics who have built large teams with a ranking system in position. By adding more accessories to ones gun and having regular upgrades they are sure to rule the paintball field since more advancements to the equipment are being made.


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