Other Refractive Surgeries in St. Louis?

>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

LASIK is one of the laser treatments for modifying corneal curvature, which improves the vision for people having the problems with far sightedness and near sightedness. This treatment is getting popular in people to get rid of corrective glasses, contact lenses and spectacles. As eyes are the most sensitive organs of human body, so mostly people are well concerned about the side effects of this treatment, if any?

Mostly LASIK is a refractive surgery based on laser treatment usually preformed by the ophthalmologists. LASIK St. Louis is coming up as the viable alternative to glasses and contact lenses to enhance vision. Among the patients having problems with the vision, LASIK Surgery in St. Louis is getting popular because of its fastest recovery time and improved results. LASIK treatment is very successful laser based painless surgery treatment through which millions of people got glass free vision.

Beside the success of LASIK treatment in St.Louis, it has some limitations. LASIK treatment is feasible for patients having thick corneas and for patients with steep and flat corneas. During the flap cutting process bio-mechanics of the cornea is also likely to weaken. EPILASIK St. Louis is another refractive surgery treatment which provides more feasible treatment to patients for whom LASIK treatment is not recommended or feasible. This treatment overcomes the risks and limitations of Lasik treatment. This is the most innovative technique of flap replacement. Patients undergoing for EPILASK treatment are suggested to remove the contact lens 1-2 weeks before coming for the treatment. Mostly doctors suggest this treatment for patients above 18 years of age.

Zyoptix is another refractive surgery for the personalized vision correction using wave front based data of an individual eye. It is a special multidimensional corneal diagnostic procedure which provides in the detailed analysis. It involves the most modern and precise breakthrough technology to obtain the precise data of the disorder to deal with. Zyoptix facilitates the surgeons for the successful correction utilizes the diagnostic information through which they apply customized ablation through LASIK and other surgery treatments.

Intralase Lasik is another refractive surgery method which is 100% blade-free approach to for creating the corneal flap. This method is however can only be performed by Intralase F5 Laser. Surgeons use an instrument called a microkerotome for the development of corneal flaps. The microkerotome based blade then moves across the eye, cutting the corneal flap during the development procedure. Intralase Lasik technology is one of the best available technologies in the field of refractive surgery which facilitates and enables the surgeon to develop the corneal flap without touching the eye with blades. Doctors, Surgeons and specialists at St. Louis are committed to provide most innovative, effective and efficient corneal flap development procedures for the patients. With the passage of time, ongoing research is coming out with more innovative ideas and products through which people will get glass and lens free precise vision. Refractive surgery treatments are very much popular and successful surgeries as described by the people of St. Louis.


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