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>> Thursday, August 11, 2011

This article seeks to give readers an in depth and thorough look at the fundamentals of Tiberius paintball so as to help the novice individuals who may be interested in taking up the sport.

Paintball is a sport that makes use of paintball markers or guns to shoot opponents with capsules filled with paint. The sport is usually non contact in nature and can be played in a variety of places. The choice of whether to play it indoors or in the open is usually left to the discretion of the competing teams or individuals. The sport is regulated by law and requires strict safety conditions to be adhered to. The use of masks and other protective gear is a must in all legalized tournaments since mishandling of the equipment may cause harm to either the wielder of the gun or the receiving opponent.

The Tiberius paintball guns have been made with the latest paintball marker technology to ensure maximum performance output during tournaments. As a result many paintball fans including the military forces have been more inclined to this equipment. The range of markers offered by Tiberius is considerably large with the guns ranging from small pistol side arms to bazookas. They also offer paint based grenades and smoke bombs which give a realistic feeling feel of combat during tournaments. Different calibers of the guns are available and can be made to look like the real deal which goes to enhancing the realness of the game to actual war scenarios. Be it sniper rifles complete with scopes or M16s paintball guns Tiberius arms are sure to cater for all your needs to the letter.

Different technologies have been used in the making of the Tiberius paintball gun. This is evident as can be seen from their different methods of loading the paint capsules. The Tiberius markers make use either gravitational or electronically force fed technologies in the feeding of the paint capsules. The gravitational method loads the paint capsules by dropping them into the loading chamber after one has been ejected while the electronically force fed method requires a compressed tank of air or carbon dioxide so as to provide a means of propelling the paintballs from the loading chamber. The paint capsules which are the used as ammunition, are non toxic in nature and they consist mostly of polyethylene glycol. Other water soluble dyes may be added in order to provide a consistent color. The quality of the paintball will normally vary due to a variety of reasons. Such reasons may include the quality of the shell and how uniform the filling is done.

The areas of application for the Tiberius paintball markers have been indeed many and continue to rise in number. Different tournaments have been organized around the world with their sole purpose being in the competition of paintball games. Different types of challenges in the paintball games have been developed as more and more people seek the thrill of participating in them. This is due to the fact that people can be allowed to make their own teams and have some sort of ranking order similar to that of the military. This has given many individuals a chance to have a little feel of what it is like to be in actual combat. The military and law enforcement agencies have also greatly benefited from this great invention in a number of ways. Real combat situations can be simulated by new recruits without the use of real ammunition which have sometimes caused injury to them and are wasteful. The simulation of volatile situations such as riots or tactical operations such as rescue missions have greatly benefited the law enforcement agencies as they can train without the use of lethal force.

For those who plan to take up paintball as a sport, they should be aware of the following. Close range hits may cause some harm or injury to them and that is why the need for protective gear cannot be overstressed. Some methods of using the paintball marker may not be tolerated on some fields since they may also cause injury to either the spectators or opponents especially in indoor fields. A prominent feature in the electronically force fed markers called ramping is one such practice that is widely discouraged in tournaments. This occurs as a result of firing too many rapid shots which makes the marker start firing at a pace that is faster than the rate at which the trigger is being pulled. Participants are also advised against aiming at the opponents face since the paint could leak through their goggles or masks.

The Tiberius paintball marker may be found at the many retail stores that are licensed to distribute them. Other avenues of purchasing these products may involve going online in order to find the best equipment possible. The paintball capsules are also available in some stores and one can be allowed to bring their own paint to the field. Other fields however discourage this practice as some could bring in defective paints that may cause harm to participants of the game. In such cases the fields have an onsite paint shop in which one can acquire the capsules recommended by the field. The price ranges of the Tiberius paintball models varies according to the type of arms needed. However, most are offered for quite a bargain so as to increase their popularity.


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