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>> Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do you know who Mickey Mouse is? Of course you do, everyone knows who Mickey mouse is. Mickey is the most commonly known cartoon character in the World and he is the Mascot of The Walt Disney Company. He’s so cute, he’s so adorable, everybody loves him, and he’s fun with his red shorts, extra large yellow shoes, and white gloves. Imagine him with a different clothes like he was wearing a black sweatshirt and red with gray stripes rock star shirt on top, black pants, red shoes, and a shades, looking so cool right?, and looking something new. Are you excited to see him with those clothes on? Sure you are, my kids are so excited about it and even I got so excited when I heard about Fishers price new toy, they brought our imagination into a reality. They created the coolest Mickey toy anyone can see and it is the “Rock Star Mickey Mouse”.

Prepare to be amazed with this wonderfully made Mickey toy. With his coolest dress on, Mickey will surely rocks you’re kid’s day. He’ll teach you how to move like a real rock star with his head-Bop, the Kick-Action, and the Mickey Split. But before anything else be ready to be fascinated when Mickey shouts this line “I’m the mouse that’s gonna rocks the house, check this!!! Yeah, for sure you’ll caught the kid’s attention with that phrase, they will rush to go there and see what’s that sound and after just a few more seconds these kid’s head is already bopping like Mickey and the smile on their face will never be erase. This awesome toy can say different phrases and play his guitar while dancing with his shades on. Mickey can also dance like Michael Jackson’s famous moon walk, Latin, disco and many more. Already amazed? Bet you didn’t know that Mickey can dance Latin techno, disco and moonwalk. I’m sure that you’ll be surprised once you saw Mickey playing his guitar and don’t forget the cool clothes his wearing, red stripe shirt printed at the middle with a black mouse, a red star and two guitars and with the removable shades on, what a wonderful toy indeed.

Rock star Mickey Mouse is the coolest Mickey that’s for sure, although there are some other Mickey Mouse toys that we already loved, these Mickey Mouse rock star is totally different It’s like you do a make over to the old and ordinary look of Mickey Mouse, I’m not saying the old Mickey Mouse’s design is ugly or looks old because it still as cute as adorable as it is but compare to this Rock Star Mickey, this Mickey’s costume is totally new, a different Mickey, like Mickey is showing his other side. I know that you also love the Fisher Price Sing-a-Ma-Jig Mickey where Mickey shows his “singing ability” another Mickey toy is Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Hot Dog Dancer where he sings & does his signature Hot Dog dance from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse television show, this two toys are good and really had a fascinating features also but if you’re looking for a cool Mickey definitely that is the Mickey Mouse Rock Star this is the first Mickey toy that can play guitar with his coolest outfit ever! Anyways there are more Mickey Mouse toys like Fisher Price Disney Dance Star Mickey Mouse Plush Toy another dance star Mickey, and the others are the usual Mickey stuff toys that we see, all of these toys are wearing the same old costume of Mickey, and some people are getting tired with that (no matter how beautiful the costume is)and these other Mickey toys is very common like he will dance or sing(it’s wonderful of course but still the kids are craving for something new) so the fisher’s price come out with a very good and awesome idea, they created the Rock Star Mickey the coolest Mickey compare to any other Mickey toys just put 4AA batteries in him and he’s ready to rock you’re house. The kids could jam with him, dance with him, sings with him, and he could rock with Mickey all day!


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