Morphology of MUNG BEAN

>> Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bengali name: Sona mug
English name: Green gram
Botanical name: Vigna radiata (L.)
Family: Liguminosae

Botanical characteristics

Root: Deep rooted plant; the lateral branches of roots contain nodules, which contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
Stem: Herbaceous, branching at the base and covered with short, fine, brownish hairs.
Leaves: Alternate, trifoliate with long petioles. Each leaflets being large, ovate, rounded at the base and pointed at the apex.
Infloroscence: Racemose, bears 10-25 flowers.
Flowers: Greenish to bright yellow with a gray tinged keel, 1-1.75cm in diameter.
Calyx: 5 sepals more or less united in a tube and persistent, aestivation imbricates.
Corolla: 5 petals, very unequal and papilionaceous (i.e.1-posterior petal is largest and called standard or vexillum, 2-lateral petals are lanceolate and slightly curved and called wings or alae and 2-anterior petals are asymmetrical and more or less united to form a boat shaped structure and called keel or karina); aestivation is vexillary i.e. standard covers the wings and the wings cover the keel; all petals have a claw at the base.
Androecium: 10 stamens, diadelphous, usually (9)+1,anthers are dithecous, introrse and dehisce by longitudinal slits.
Gynoecium: Monocarpellary ;ovary superior, unilocular ;ovules numerous; marginal placentation; style and stigma simple.
Fruit: Pod.
Seed: Small, slightly flattened, globular with green, yellow, tawny brown, black or mottled testa. 
Floral formula: Br, %, 0, K (5), C1+2+(2), A (9)+1,G1


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