Morphology of Mustard

>> Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crop name: Mustard (Brassica sp.)

Origin: Eurasian origin.

  Climate: Grows well in cool and moist climate (below 25c). In general, high temperatures (higher than 25) cause a sharp decrease in oil content.

  Soil: Fairly tolerant to salinity and prefer well-aerated soils and cannot resist 
  water logging. It can be grown in light, sandy soils.
  In Bangladesh, silty soil.

  Land preparation: 3 ploughing + 4 laddering in light soils.
  6 ploughing + 7 laddering in heavy soils.
  Varieties: SS- (Sonali sarisha), TS- 72 (Kalyania), Sampad, Sambal, Daulat, Tori-7, Rai-5, BARI Sarisha-6, 7, 8

  Seed rate & Sowing time: -Traditionally last week of October. Better time for 
  sowing mustard is November 1-15 in dry areas.
  -November 15- early December in other areas.
  -Generally seed rate is 7.5-10 kg/ha.
  -Both line sowing and broadcasting.
  -In case of line sowing 25-30 cm apart.

  Weeding: Two weeding at 15 and 40 DAS after sowing.

  Water management: Irrigated crop, in adequate moisture supply, yield
  Increases sharply.
  -Very sensitive to water stress in case of flowering and pod filling.
  -Two irrigations- one at 35 DAS & another at pod filling stage.
-½ kg Urea + all fertilizers should be applied during land preparation.
  -Rest of urea applied during flowering.

  Harvesting: The crop is taken to be mature when stems and pods become yellow, 
  Seed takes black and the pods give rattling sound.

  Yield: Average yields 700 kg/ha.  


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