Oil Seed Production in Bangladesh

>> Saturday, August 21, 2010

Present consuming of fat → 8 g /head /day.
Among this
5 gm (vegetable fat)
3 gm (animal fat mainly fish, cereals, vegetables fat)
But our daily requirement is 30-40 gm/head/day.

Constrains of oil seed production:
→ Comparing crops are more profitable.
→ Competition for land by HYV boro and wheat.
→ Yielding of local varieties is low, particularly under very poor agronomic management practices.
→ Some cash crops in competition enjoy high subsides and credit support. No such support is available for oilseed.
→ Even when there is high premium or domestic mustard oil, the profit does not necessarily go to farmers.
→ Mpoot of soil at subsidized rates in working as a disincentive (AbymvwnZ Kiv) to the farmers.
→ Lower returns on inputs on oil seed production works as disincentive.
→ Poor storage and processing facilities exist at rural and bulk handling levels.
→ Non availability of efficient and cost effective extraction mills at rural levels.

a) Setting up of realistic production goals, get all necessary inputs recognized and initiate the plan of operations in a systematic and coordinated (mgwbZ) manner.
b) Strengthen the breeding programmed.
c) Prepare separate packages for rainfed and irrigated conditions.
d) Back up research and extension programs with adequate credit input and seed production facilities.
e) Setup model production and demonstration hlocks for major oil seed groups.
f) Assure farmers of incentive prices.
g) Follow on important policy that gradually minimized imports and does not work against the interest of farmers and oil processors.
h) Improve storage facilities for seed.
i) Deal with items listed from a to h simultaneously. These measures are mutually supportive not alternative.

Why mustard is important and widely grown oil seed crop in Bangladesh?
→ Wide adaptability.
→ Consumer preference.
→ Assured marked.
→ Easy of harvesting and processing.
→ Fewer post harvest problem.
→ Compatibility under intercropped systems.


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