Making LASIK Surgery Affordable

>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

How much does the LASIK surgery cost?

LASIK surgery is a relatively new innovative method which requires the use of modern expensive equipment. It is also necessary that the performing surgeon should be highly skilled and reputable. This is the case with LASIK St. Louise: up-to-the-date laser equipment and well trained and thoroughly selected stuff. Definitely, the procedure cannot cost small money. It is usually several thousand dollars per eye. It is usually both eyes that need surgery.

Does LASIK in St. Louis finance LASIK procedures?

Like other providers, LASIK in St. Louis can offer different options for financing refractive surgeries in St. Louis facility. Experienced financial coordinators and advisers can help any patient to choose the plan suitable his or her particular budget.

What method of payment can a patient use?

Practically all LASIK institutions offer multiple methods of payment for their services. LASIK St. Louis is not an exception. Patients can pay in cash, in personal checks, debit cards or all major types of credit cards. Third-party financing and house financing options are absolutely possible. When paying for refractive surgeries in St. Louis, patients can combined methods of payment and use any combination of them.

Who can afford LASIK surgery?

Definitely, not everyone can. LASIK in St. Louis is an institution where they try to help everyone who needs the treatment and do their best to help the patient to solve the financial problem. Usually it is the settlement of paying affordable amounts of money on a monthly basis. People go for refractive surgeries in St. Louis, and having chosen the most favourable financial plan keep paying during the recovery period and even longer. The monthly instalments could range from a little more than a hundred dollars and up to half a thousand.

What is third party financing?

LASIK St. Louis co-operates with healthcare financial institutions that finance patients. In this case patients pay for LASIK surgery in St. Louis in full, and later pay off the debt to the financing company. LASIK surgeons in St. Louis have experience in third party financing cases and usually know if they could approve of the financial company of not. LASIK in St. Louis’s financial specialists can request for a clearance check for both patients and their financial companies, which is absolutely necessary and lawful in any business.

Where is the catch?

There is no catch. LASIK St. Louis just wants to help its patients. Long term payments, of course, imply payments of interest. Interest rate varies depending on the plan. Like many similar institutions in Western Europe (the example is EuroEyes from Hamburg, Germany), LASIK in St. Louis can offer zero per cent interest for short-term payment plans. It is not very hard to establish the eligibility for financing. The application process is simple and similar to that of banks or car dealerships. The patient is to prove the ability to pay and meet some certain criteria. Usually patients going for LASIK surgery in St. Louis are not required to submit the whole health history record: there is nothing beyond necessary for this particular procedure. Applications for refractive surgeries in St. Louis can be submitted even online, which makes it still easier.


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