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>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eyes are one of the precious organs of human body which provides vision to observe the beauty of this world. Structure of human eyes is very complex and difficult to understand whereas it can distinguish 10 million colors. Human eyes are exposed to different environments in which they live and work. These environments have certain influence on the working capability of eyes and thus in severe conditions people have to deal with some disorder.

LASIK is one of the laser treatments for modifying corneal curvature, which improves the vision for people having the problems with far sightedness and near sightedness. This treatment is getting popular in people to get rid of corrective glasses, contact lenses and spectacles. As eyes are the most sensitive organs of human body, so mostly people are well concerned about the side effects of this treatment, if any?

Mostly LASIK is a refractive surgery based on laser treatment usually preformed by the ophthalmologists. LASIK St. Louis is coming up as the viable alternative to glasses and contact lenses to enhance vision. Among the patients having problems with the vision, LASIK Surgery in St. Louis is getting popular because of its fastest recovery time and improved results.

Doctors and experts for LASIK surgery in St. Louis are following a surgical procedure in which a flap is cut in the cornea and pulled back to expose the corneal bed. Exposed or damaged surface is then ablated to desired shape with the help of laser. The laser eye surgeon helps the corneal tissue to improve the vision of the eye. The thin flap in the eye is then replaced and the procedure gets complete.

It is easy to take suggestions and recommendation from surgeons and medical experts at LASIK St. Louis about the whole surgical procedure and possible safety measures before the treatment. LASIK St. Louis is offering a reliable and efficient treatment to world to improve the quality of their vision in the most effective and efficient manner. Doctors and surgeons working at LASIK in St. Louis instruct patients to stop wearing the contact lenses and corrective glasses 5 to 21 days before the surgery. LASIK St. Louis examines the patient’s corneas to determine their thickness and surface contour. Lasers are then used to monitor the topographic map of the corneas. This process is also useful to measure other irregularities in the eye. Finally the surgeon available for LASIK in St. Louis determines the exact amount of corneal tissue to be removed in the surgery

Patients who have gone through LASIK surgery in St. Louis reported immediate improvements in vision and are very contented with the surgery as it involves much less pain and discomforts than other possible operations to improve vision. Doctors at LASIK St. Louis suggests the patients a course of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops for few weeks, also more sleep and protection from bright light are recommended by LASIK St. Louis after surgery. LASIK Surgery in St. Louis like other Refractive surgeries in St. Louis are very successful as the patients are very much satisfied with the surgery and gave their feedback about the improvement in their vision.


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