Is LASIK Surgery Permanent?

>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting LASIK surgery in St. Louis is a very simple and convenient thing to do that’s ideal for people who are near-sighted and far-sighted as well as people who suffer from astigmatism. LASIK, which stands for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis takes no more that fifteen minutes to do and patients walk out without any need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. But it’s always been a question of how permanent is LASIK?

Before we talk about how permanent the results may be, let’s first understand how to get the surgery, what happens during the surgery, and what happens after it. First thing you need to know is that you’ll need to have your eyes checked for suitability to get the refractive surgeries in St. Louis. Generally, anyone who feels that getting a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses is a hassle would be a good candidate; however, people who are taking medication for any eye disease might not be considered for the surgery. How would you know for sure? Get in touch with the nearest ophthalmologist who can do the LASIK surgery in St. Louis.

After you are identified as a suitable candidate and decide to get LASIK in St. Louis, you’ll simply visit the ophthalmologist who can do the procedure and arrange for the most convenient time to do it. After that, it’s an appointment that takes no more than fifteen minutes, and that’s for both eyes. What happens during the operation is that your surgeon who can do the LASIK in St. Louis will change the shape of the tissue underneath your corneal tissue for optimum vision and that’s using a laser. Of course, you will have anesthetic eye drops applied as you will be awake the whole time the surgery is done.

Right after the surgery your ophthalmologist, who does LASIK surgery in St. Louis, will give you instructions of what you need to keep in mind right after the operation. A few things that a good ophthalmologist would recommend are of course to never rub your eyes within the next month to make sure that you won’t irritate it and to avoid anything getting in your eyes. You can take a bath right on the same day you had your LASIK in St. Louis, but you will have to refrain from showers within the week you had the surgery. Of course, you’ll have to visit your ophthalmologist the day after you have the surgery to make sure you’re on track to getting perfect vision.

So you’ve had your LASIK in St. Louis, and you’ve abided by the instructions of your ophthalmologist, the question now remains, is LASIK going to be permanent? The answer would be a good resounding yes. The effects of having the surgery are permanent and can be seen throughout your life. It’s ideal though that you see the ophthalmologist who did the LASIK surgery in St. Louis and get good and constant eye checkups. To make sure that your eyes and your eyesight remains healthy all throughout your life. This is necessary, because our eyes age as we do, and just like any other tool we have to take care of it so it will function perfectly.


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