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>> Thursday, August 11, 2011

Paint ball is an electrifying sport that tends to emulate real battle field scenarios. It bases its roots in the U.S but has since grown to become an international sport. It has even been used in real army drills where army personnel have an exact feeling of what the battle field is like, minus real bullets. The paintballs are made of non-toxic color based paints. When you hit your opponent, they are eliminated out of the game. It therefore requires a lot of witty judgment in order to defeat your opponent. A company that has made a significant mark in this sport is Proto. The sensational company has really stolen the show from other companies. This is because of their diversity. They produce a wide range of parts and even offer scenarios for people to play out.

Are you in the relentless search for a memorable paintball experience? Look no further than Proto. This is no sales pitch. Proto have what it takes to give you the most unique and interesting paintball experience. Before going to the gist of the matter, it is wise to have a look at the Proto parts that are available. They practically offer all the parts that you need for a typical paintball gun. From reliable paintball markers to durable and protective masks, they have a wide selection of parts at their disposal. If you choose to narrow down on Proto paintball guns you will realize one constant trend in their markers. This is the constant display of perfection. Proto guns have a remarkable track level of always delivering. They are not prone to jamming and other annoying drawbacks that other third rate markers have. This is a feature that makes Proto stand out from the many incompetent paintball manufacturers. They do not indulge in puffery and heart thumping, but one thing that they do best is strive to be perfect in their work. This has attracted a lot of customers. It has also helped set the standards of paintball at a higher level. This is particularly important in these days where underhand businessmen and fraudsters have laid their hands on almost everything in the world.

Initially, there was a lot of uncertainty about the future of paintball. This was because it was thought to be for the upper-class society members. However, middle class people can now enjoy the sport. This is because prices for equipment like markers and masks have nose-dived to manageable levels. Companies like Proto are still able to make profits and sell their equipment to more people. The availability of Proto paintball guns for sale has made the sport grow popularity in distant countries like Australia. With such popularity, Proto has been able to ship in more advanced equipment. They have also set outlets in some countries for consultation. This has addressed the problem where people had to ship their markers overseas for repair and check up. This has really made the sport to take a progressive trend in most parts of the world. Proto have not only improved the sport but have also managed to propel the success of other businesses. How is this so? They have to rent land in order to lay out the battlefields. They also have to pay textile companies for Proto paintball pants and other attire. In the long run the rise of Proto has greatly benefited other business. This has been reflected by the upward trend in the economy of involved areas.

Another thing that makes Proto a sensational paintball company is that they strive to make the cut in terms of safety of their customers. The high priority that they give to safety tells a lot. It means that they are not just after mere profit. They are more focused on giving their customers a frictionless sporting session. They have availed Proto paintball pants. These pants allow one to navigate rough terrain without any bruises. This has really curbed instances of injuries. These pants also protect your body from the paintballs. The paintballs have significant velocity and can cause injury if a player does not wear protective clothing. This has made the paintball company to gain notable popularity in many countries around the world. They have also dedicated a lot of time to manufacture non-toxic and pre-tested proto paintballs. The most important part is that these paintballs have been lab tested to ensure that there is no single trace of toxins in them. The principal reason for assuring the absence of toxins is to assure the safety of players. This is a clear indication of how Proto is safety oriented.

Still stressing on the matter of safety, you have to marvel at the finesse with which Proto paintball masks have been manufactured with. This masks help to prevent your delicate face from any damage. This has however misled many people to think that they are bulky and cumbersome. You will actually be surprised to find out that you won’t feel discomfort when you wear them. This is very important because you do not want any burdens while in the battle field. In a nutshell, Proto have taken paintball to a new level and made the game more enjoyable. They have also allowed their customers to comment and suggest on their equipment. This is very good as it creates room for improvement. Together with the joint effort of other companies, they have been able make the sport what it is today.


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