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>> Thursday, August 11, 2011

This article will try to give a detailed description concerning the Tippman paintball and there large areas of use while at the same time focusing on the type of gears that they provide.

The recent introduction of the Tippman paintball guns in the market has been well received by both critics and fans. This is because of the large number of arm assortments and gear that they have availed to the general public. The weapons range from sniper rifles with custom scopes to grenades and other small paint explosives. The Tippman paintball weapons have been greatly customized to allow even for automatic burst of fire which comes in handy in case one is surrounded in a tournament. The range of products that they offer are indeed many and at cost effective prices that guarantee their customer’s satisfaction. A quick look at their online catalogues is assured to keep you interested in their arms since there is even a novice category for those who are just getting into paintball.

The Tippman paintball marker makes use of different reloading techniques which vary in speed and method of loading the paint capsules into the firing chamber. The electronically force fed delivery system is the most advanced and requires a tank filled with high pressure air or carbon dioxide so as to fire the capsule. The other method of loading makes use of gravitational force whereby after one capsule has been fired the adjacent one falls down into the chamber. Both loading techniques are allowed in the paintball tournaments. The paintballs are usually made from non toxic and water soluble dyes so as to reduce the risk of injury to the person receiving fire. The quality of a paintball is dependent on factors such as the capsule’s ease of rapture on impact and the filling thickness in order to achieve a bright and consistent color.

The Tippman markers come in a number of variable customizable barrels. Among the popular Tippman paintball barrels is the 98custom flat line barrel and freak JR barrel. Both models are great especially for the individuals looking for more distance cover and accuracy. They are extremely affordable and help in changing the appearance of one’s marker as it make it look more realistic. However, proper care should be taken when handling the freak JR as it has been known to be fragile. For individuals looking for precision and accuracy, they should be ready to spare no cost as the battle Stixx will be able to do the trick. In case one has the adequate funds to perform any customization on their piece, then a custom riled barrel would be the way to go. The apex barrel would also be good for those individuals seeking to extend their range of fire.

The Tippman paintball gear has also come a long way in terms of size and features. From the goggles to the foot wear, constant improvements are being made to make the gear lighter, easier to use and have more accessories. There is a wide and impressive selection of carbon dioxide tanks and clothing which ensure that no harm comes to the participant of any tournament. There are also vests that are available and are equipped with pod holders. There are also carbon dioxide tank covers for those interested although they have some undesirable effects some of the time. They cause a reduction in heat transfer between the tank and environment which reduces the amount of evaporated gas entering the firing chamber that could sometimes result in the Tippman paintball gun malfunctioning. Paint kits and facial masks are also available which have been instrumental in protecting the face. Some have interchangeable lenses that can be switched depending on the weather condition or terrain in which they are playing at.

There are a number of Tippman paintball packages that are available and come with a variety of products. Some of the packages include the Tippman X7 elite and the Tippman sniper rifle kit which are some of the most popular ones currently. Their popularity is increasing due to the various accessories that come with them. To the true most interested people, the prices offered for these packages are extremely pocket friendly. Due to their affordability many tournaments have been well attended with even one holding an event that constituted over five hundred contestants. Those who might be interested in the acquisition of these paintball markers there are various stores and online websites that can enable you to do this with some even offering free shipping services.

Apart from being used in tournaments the Tippman markers have been used by various law enforcement bodies to aid them in their training practices. This has made the training sessions safer since it had been previously done with live ammunition. This has reduced the number of injuries that occur. They have also been used in helping the recruits practice different tactical drills in different weather conditions without the use of lethal force which may sometimes cause injury. Finally, many who have wanted to experience some part of what combat feels like they have been successful through the use of paintball guns. The fact that many people attend such tournaments gives the field terrain especially if outside a battle zone feeling. Since the paintball markers can be customized to the point of looking like real guns and the experience is from these tournaments might be as close as one might ever get to real war action.


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