LASIK: Things to Consider

>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

The dilemma which every patient encounters is the following: which method to choose for eye sight correction – traditional micro keratome or laser? Every normal human being should be experiencing fear and doubt before making his or her decision. One of the leading centers practicing the LASIK method is the LASIK in St. Louis.

How long does the surgery last?

According to LASIK St. Louis experience, the overall laser surgery time is faster, however absorption takes fifteen to twenty seconds, and the same stage in the micro keratome procedure is only three seconds, which is more comfortable for patients. Lasik surgery specialists encourage patients to ask questions and go deep into the matter before making the final decision about going to the refractive surgery in St. Louis.

How does the refractive LASIK surgery correct the vision?

LASIK St. Louis has vast experience in correcting myopia and farsightedness pathologies. In the first case LASIK St. Louis surgeons flatten the centre of the cornea, and in the case with farsightedness they make the central cornea steep. The refractive surgery in St. Louis corrects astigmatism changes as well. By using a cool-beam laser, LASIK Surgery in St. Louis performs miracles.

Can everyone go for LASIK therapy?

It is deep knowledge of LASIK St. Louis surgeons that some patients should not do this. The list of contradictions is very short. It is mainly patients with immune system pathology, as in this case the patient encounters the risk of incomplete recovery and chances of infection. Surgeons LASIK St. Louis clearly state that people with eye diseases cannot be accepted for LASIK refractive surgery in St. Louis as the result of the surgery in this case can be unpredictable.

Photorefractive keratectomy or LASIK for low or moderate myopia?

LASIK it is, no doubt. Why? Specialists in LASIK St. Louise ophthalmologic center explain to every patient that even if the epithelium is moved with the keratectomy method, on the second stage of the surgery laser is needed. Surgeons in LASIK St. Louise use laser after the thin surface layer of the cornea is moved anyway, for creating a new profile front surface of the cornea.

How long is the recovery period?

It depends. According to the experience of LASIK surgeons in St. Louis corneal epithelium can be restored within three days after the surgery. The front layer of the cornea and epithelium usually restores in one week. Full recovery takes up to six months after keratectomy and it can take just three months after LASIK refractive surgery in St. Louis or other LASIK centers of the country. The full recovery period is shorter because the LASIK therapy is less traumatic for the eye. This is considered to be the main argument in favour of LASIK refractive surgery.

If the patient chooses LASIK method, what vision correction center is he to pick?

The main thing to consider is to find out professionals, who are fully responsible for the results of their performance. It is not very easy to collect information about the budget of the institution, its scientific strength or the amount of money spent on technologies. Premier vision centers, like LASIK vision center in St. Louis, have no reasons to conceal this information from the public. This speaks about the reputation of the clinic.

As a leader in the ophthalmology field, Pepose Vision is committed to providing patients with a lifetime of care. Our mission is to protect, preserve, and enhance vision one patient at a time. LASIK Refractive Surgeries patients of St. Louis can be sure that in a long while they will find the same quality medical care and attention as at the time of the initial contact with the institution. This is a big deal and a big point to consider.


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