Is LASIK Safe?

>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

LASIK or in other words Laser-In-Situ-Keramileusis is an optic surgery which is used to correct the far sightedness, near sightedness or other similar eye related issues. It will help you in getting rid of spectacles as well as contact lenses. Since this surgery is getting a lot of fame so many people have come up with the question that whether LASIK Surgery is safe or not?

LASIK in St. Louis is getting more famous and if your friend or an acquaintance has recently gone through it, feel free to ask him the questions to know more about it. However according to the statistics, it has been shown that around 90% of the people who had undergone LASIK Surgery in St. Louisare free from spectacles and lenses. So, they would definitely suggest you to go through this procedure especially if you wear spectacles to improve your vision.

If you are not too sure about the authenticity of the statistics then you can take an appointment with a known eye doctor of LASIK St. Louisand ask him all your related fears with the surgery and other things. So eliminating your fears and doubts from the doctor is much better and that can only put your mind at rest that LASIK St. Louis is genuinely safe.Even the professional eye doctors explain to their patients the full details of the surgery before it is done.

The procedure of the LASIK treatment is pretty simple and due to this reason it is considered to be the safest surgery. It is unlike the previous eye surgeries which involved cutting and covering of the eyes. It is a simple procedure in which a laser beam is used which gently cuts the thin layer of the cornea and then softly pulls it back to its original position. The laser eye surgeon helps the corneal tissue to improve the vision of the eye. The thin flap in the eye is usually replaced and the procedure gets complete.

After the procedure has been done, the patient finds the instant improvement in his eyesight. The procedure is not only quick but also have the quick recovery period. You will not be required to stay bed ridden for days but you will get back to your normal everyday routine. Since the laser beam is used and no cutting is involved so there are no stitches and its related concerns. You will not have to wear bandages or sunglasses to cover your eyes.

The 8-10% of the people usually gets the dry eye syndrome after the procedure. But this is not a permanent problem and can be resolved. Rest the procedure has been found to be totally friendly and is far most the most successful surgeries of the eyes with least amount of side effects.

Also some people have a habit of wearing glasses before reading may have to use the glasses too even after the surgery and that totally depends on the individual’s case and for that you will be required to consult your eye specialist. So get LASIK surgery in St. Louisor Refractive Surgeries in St. Louisfor a better vision!


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