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>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

There are a variety of Kawasaki fairings for various models of the Kawasaki bike range you can get in the market. From the Ninja to ZX models, you have a wide range of fairings to choose from. Below are some of the Kawasaki fairings you should get in the market.

The X6005 is also known as a solo seat cowl for ZX600 Ninja Motorbike. It covers the passenger side of your seat. It is normally installed with Velcro and is easily removed for riding by two.

The 2ZX6001 of Kawasaki fairings is also called upper fairing competition. It features the left and right side fairings and radiator shields all melded into a single piece. The headlight can be removed for street use and its outline is scribed. Use projector beam headlights if you really want to enjoy your ride with a street bike.

2ZX6002 fairing is a lower side fairing; in fact it is a replacement lower fairing which makes use of stock mounting hardware.

The 2ZX6003 is a race tail section fairing unit that includes the left and right side of the frame covers and a solo seat cowl all molded into one piece. The light or blinker area’s filled and you can remove them to make it a street bike.

The replacement upper fairing for Kawasaki ZX6 is called ZX61. It involves the upper, right and left sections with a radiator cover in a single unit. It is not only light but also seamless than stock units it normally replaces.

If you want to use it on the streets, you can easily install the stock headlight by make a fitting hole in the Kawasaki fairing. If you chose to customize your street bike, you may have to make use of a projector beam light instead of the stock light.

The ZX62 fairing is a lower belly pan fairing. It is used on your Kawasaki ZX6. This lower fairing is an ideal replacement tool and just like upper replacement uses stock mounting hardware. It really looks attractive.

The upper fairing 2ZX61 is a replacement of the Kawasaki fairings. It is used on the ZX6 bikes and it consists of the upper, right and left section with the radiator cover molded into a single piece .It is not only seamless than replaced stock units but it also a bit lighter. If you intend to use this bike on the street, you can easily install the stock headlight by drilling a suitable hole in the piece. You should use a projector beam headlight instead of a stock light if you wish to customize your bike.

The 2ZX62 fairing is a lower belly pan fairing which is a direct replacement item. It uses stock mounting hardware like the upper one. The fairing looks very sharp!
The 2ZX64 fairing is a race tail which consists of seat cowls and seat side all molded into a single sleek design. The seat pan section is filled in ready for use with a closed cell race spray. You can easily remove the taillight to use your 2ZX motorbike on the streets.
Get yourself a suitable item of Kawasaki fairings and enjoy your ride!


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