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>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A fairing is an external structure made of metal and fitted around parts of cars, aircraft, vehicles and motorbikes to reduce the degree of resistance when dragging. The article below discusses some of the Kawasaki motorbike fairings found in the market.

There are many models of Kawasaki motorbike fairings:

The A1R1 fairing will be perfect for the Kawasaki A7R motorbike, Kawasaki A1R motorcycles and many other vintage bikes with small displacement. The A1R1 is a fairing for full racing. Its sides have a fairly good cutout at the handlebar and this fairing is also open on the bottom.

There is a very rare of Kawasaki Motorbike fairings called the A1R2. It has an optional cap for fuel.

The KR2502 is fairing for the seat of a Kawasaki KR250. It also looks cool on a Kawasaki KZ400 and Kawasaki RD.

The X21 is a top fairing for the Kawasaki EX250 bikes. The fairing covers the upper left and right, the headlight area and the radiator shrouds as one piece. It is the ideal fairing for a racing bike. This fairing can also be customized for use in the street. You just have to remove from the front the headlight hole. You can even be imaginative enough by cutting two cat eyes or two round eyes to modify the opening of the headlight for a really nice street bike.

The EX22 fairing is used to replace a busted or crashed lower fairing on your Kawasaki EX250 motorbike. This is a cheaper and lighter alternative to replace a crashed lower panel.

The EX23 fairing is for your Kawasaki EX250 motor cycle of the Super sport race trail version. This piece combines the tail section, solo seat cowl, the tail light area and the left and right seat sides into one piece. This fairing shields your passenger part of the stock upholstery. You just glide the stock upholstery into the tail section and put the assembled part on the chassis. You then screw the bolts in by the knees. You can take it off your motorcycle, remove the two screws and remove the lock of your seat taking the entire assembly from your motorcycle. It is thus a nice and sleek fairing. Its tail light hole at the back is filled in but if you are a street person, you can easily open it to use it on the street.

You can also install the EX24 fairing on your seat a fair amount of Velcro and there you go!

You really need the EX5002 fairing if you want to use your EX250 Kawasaki motorbike on the track and don’t want to spend more for a fairing suited for full races. You put this fairing in the place of your headlight, then you have to place number at the front and you are good to race.

The EX21C is a top Kawasaki faring for the 08 EX250 motorbikes. The mirror mounts are smoothed out and the headlight is filled in for use in tracks. This piece also has a streamlined look.

The 2EX21S fairing is for your upper faring replacement.

These are just a few of the Kawasaki motorbike fairings you can find in the market. So, you should go out there and get yourself a fairing fit for your bike.


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