How Suzuki motorbikes are fairing in the market

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Suzuki motorcycle fairings were among the latest motorbike models to be introduced in the market. Even though they were launched late in the market, the Suzuki motorbike fairings have become very common among clients. This is due to the fact that many customers are buying the motorcycle models because of their relatively low price. The motorbikes are of high quality, they are made of strong materials that last long. In addition, these motorcycles rarely rust since they are made of rust resistant materials.

The sales volume of Suzuki motorbikes has had a steady increase since their introduction. The Suzuki Company has dominated the market through the market leadership strategy. This they acquire through having a big capital base which enables them to incur low input cost which reflects low selling price. The market leadership strategy also acts as a barrier for the potential competitors to venture into the same industry. The big size of the capital also makes the companies to enjoy the benefit of economies of scale, these further increases the entry barriers to the competitors. When the manufacturers have acquired the market leadership status, they are able to control the market; they determine the price of the products. They are the price setters in the market so that other firms can take the price set by them.

The Suzuki fairings in the market have also been improved by the differentiation strategy. This is where one motorcycle model is made to appear in different forms so that it may appeal to different market segments. Depending on age and other factors, consumers taste and preference vary from one place to the other. For example there is a color that may be more appealing to youths than the old customers.So, it is important to have various designs for different people so that their various needs be met so as to sell more of the product. The differentiation strategy also minimizes competition from other sellers by making it hard for them to identify the manufacturer of a particular product. Differentiation covers a wider market segment since a single product can be sold to many people in various forms. It has also promoted the fairings for Suzuki motorbikes in the market. The brand of the motorcycle is very popular among the clients.

The popularity and sales of Suzuki motorcycles has remained high due to the procedures involved when one is buying the bike. The manufacturers of the motorcycles have designed an ecommerce website for the motorbikes; this has enabled them to capture both local and international customers. The system enables them to operate in twenty four hours a day; this makes the clients to access the products any time and anywhere. Even in remote places, a client only needs a personal computer with internet features and bit knowledge of online services so that he/she can log onto the website to carry out a transaction. Making an online order for the motorcycle is very easy, once a client is logged in; he/she chooses the type of model that he/she wants. The motorcycle is immediately displayed, all its features and the terms and conditions for buying it is shown. Payment for the bike is also done online. The website has additional shopping cart software that enables a customer on the website to do all the shopping and put them in a single basket. After the shopping process, the system displays the cost of all the items bought and it is up to the client to settle the bill through an online payment system in the website.

One of the important things about buying the Suzuki motorcycles is that once the payment is settled through the online mode, the manufacturers relieve the customers from the shipping cost by offering free transport services to the customers. This reduces the cost of the motorcycle. A part from the shipping service, the manufacturers also offer after sales services to clients. Such services include installation, repair and maintenance. This further attracts many customers to buy more of the products.

Most of the Suzuki fairings in the market have become quite appealing to the clients, they are smart and comfortable. They use minimum amount of fuel to cover long distances. This is due to their strong combustion engines. With the high inflation rate and rising cost of living, consumers need to be very wise when they spend. They need to look for economical avenues that are friendly to their pockets. Suzuki motorbikes best meets the financial needs of customers. Another important feature of these bikes is that, they have additional entertainment facilities to the owners. Such facilities include home theatres like radio cassettes and the Television screens to offer news updates to the owner.

Suzuki motorbikes are very luxurious and comfortable. The two seats it has are soft and made of cotton materials. This is to give the best comfort to the driver and caution the driver from electric charges that may come from the motorcycle’s engine. The driver is also protected from the physical harm that may come from the metals that the bike is made of. The Two wheels of the motorcycle model are forward drive that makes the bikes to move at relatively faster speed than others. It has two side mirrors that reflect on the road, this gives good focus on the road and enables the driver to view the traffic ahead and at the back. This reduces chances of road accidents. The ability of the mirrors to focus on the road enables the driver to make appropriate judgments as far as road use is concerned.

The spare parts of Suzuki motorbikes are cheap and easily available. This increases consumer’s reliability on the Suzuki fairings. In addition, the motorbikes rarely wear out since they are made by professionals who are fully trained. The fact that they rarely wear out gives the owner an opportunity to resell the motorcycle into the market as a second hand product without losing much of its market value. This is a way to recover the owner’s money after a particular period of time.


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