Kawasaki motorcycle fairings

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kawasaki was initially known for production of aircrafts. It later began manufacturing motorcycles. Its complete first production was in the year 1954. The ZX-7R was Kawasaki’s first race motor bike that was successful. Kawasaki is the fourth biggest motorbike manufacturer in Japan. It has nice bikes designed with very good performance.

Kawasaki fairing story began in 1924. In the year 1949 the manufactures decided to go in to the motocycles. They went into the engine production for the motorbikes. It began production of the Kawasaki motorbike fairings in 1954 and they were using the name Meihata.

The Kawasaki introduced their line in the motorcycle industry. Later realized they could not compete with the giant manufacturing companies. That’s when they came up with the Kawasaki motorbikes and fairings.

The Kawasaki motorcycle fairings are sold by various companies. The parts are of various quality designs. They offer materials that have been combined to give a quality and stylish bike solutions. The companies also give the customers a range of stocks to choose from, these are the different fairings for the motorcycles.

Types of Kawasaki motorcycle fairings

Motorcycle fairing for Kawasaki zx-9R 00-01

Has material which is very good quality and also a good elastic cover that can tolerate heat. The material is not easy to crack and hence can last long. The paint used on it is of high make and it does not become paler. It comes in three layers coat that gives it a good finishing.

Motorcycle firing for Kawasaki ZX 10R 2004-2005

It is a good quality fairing with an ABS plastic from South Korea. It has a heat technology adopted for it. The paint is of exceptional quality. The painting of the fairing is according to ones taste.

Motorcycle fairing for Kawasaki ZX-9R

Its fairings come with high featured material. Its paint is of high quality and it is coated three times, so that it does not get out with ease. It is installed with a heat protective shield.

Motorcycle fairing for Kawasaki ZX10R 2006-2007

Its material is made of plastic called ABS imported from South Korea. It has a very good shield from heat. The paint used to make it is not destroyed by sunlight. It has holes that have been drilled earlier which are made perfect for the motorbike. Its mould is can be injected. The set of the fairings is packed in strong layer carton.

Motorcycle fairing for Kawasaki ZX-6R

This are unlike other fairings, come with the drilled holes which are done earlier. It has very good quality of plastics. This motorcycle fairing is also made with bolts that are original. The fairing is painted with quality paint which can not fade. Its finishing is done with 3 layers of a clear coat that protects the fairing.

Fairings from Kawasaki are of very good quality, with the right kind of material to make them. They are of different types depending on the position to be placed. These fairings can be done full, quarter or half depending on the need of the cyclist. The fairings are placed to offer protection to both the rider and the bike not to mention the engine.


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