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The Ducati motor bike fairings are the best accessories in the motor bike racing world. Their installation guarantees the sure win of a race or the highest speed on the track because of the mere fact that these fairings reduce the wind drag and the net effect means that there is a more stable and secure ride. But the most important factor to have in mind is the proper maintenance of these Ducati fairings in order to ensure their high performance.

The first thing that one should have in mind is the fact that the Ducati motor bike fairings are quite fragile and can be easily broken if handled in the wrong way. The special ABS high quality plastic is suited to withstand some amount of external forces of damage because of its unique properties of flexibility, light weight and can be shaped into any desired design. But this does not guarantee its resistance to brute force or heavy external damages. Therefore it is imperative to take good care of these Ducati motor bike fairings always. It is advisable to regularly detach the entire fairing kit of your Ducati in order to clean it thoroughly. Now, while removing the fairings from your Ducati, caution and gentleness should be applied to the fullest. If you are not well versed in the detachment of the fairings, there is a manual available for the proper removal of the fairings on a Ducati motor bike.

Another important note to take into consideration in the maintenance of the fairings on a Ducati is that, one should not necessarily take the entire body fairing down to the pieces while doing the cleaning. The side and lower panels are the most suitable to remove because the attachment points are better accessible and visible to the naked eye than the intricate bolts and caps which characterize the other inner parts of the body fairings. Besides the side panels are the most important and are not hard to remove . The removal of such fairings should be done with special tools which cannot damage or dent the fairings and can do the work faster. It is advisable to take the bike to Ducati motor bike expert to detach if you are not well accustomed to the mechanics of the bike.

Once the fairings have been detached, they should not be placed directly on the floor or on any rough surface because as i had mentioned earlier these fairings are fairly smooth and their surfaces can easily get dented or scratched. So, to prevent them from being scratched or dented, the Ducati motor bike fairings should be placed on a piece of cloth Incase of scratches or dents on the fairing one can use epoxy resin to repair them and also touch up paint can come in handy to handle such problems. This is actually the reason why many people pay large sums of money for the replacement of these Ducati fairings while it is avoidable by just being careful.

To those who are interested in the installation of the fairings after cleaning or repairing them, then proper method is to start installing the fairings from the inside going out i.e. from the tank cover running outwards to the side panels. This systematic format applicable to the Ducati motor bike fairings is better and easier than other methods of detachment. The other important factor to note is the drilling and mounting of headlights and wind screens on the fairings after installation. One should that the fairings are perfectly bolted in place before drilling of the screw holes using minimal force to avoid the permanent damage the fairings in the long run.

The factors leading to the suitability of a Ducati motor bike fairings are the weight, visibility and comfortably of the rider. These are what will guide your judgment of the best type of Ducati motor bike fairing in the vast variety that the Ducati company can offer. The fairings supplement to the speed, stamina and beauty of the motor bike. Hence the best way to keep the bike in shape is to properly maintain the fairings and surely the Ducati motor bike will fly and conquer the track or impress others with its beauty and finesse.


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