The evolution of Honda motorcycle fairings

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The use of motorcycle fairings dates back to the early 1920s with the main aim of these invaluable components being the reduction of air drag. Motorcycle fairings also have a variety of other functions such as protecting the rider from various dangers and protection of the bike’s internal components in case of an accident.

The principles of Honda motorcycle fairings

There has been need for continued development and revision of the designs of the Honda motorcycle fairings due to a variety of reasons. Due to the different designs of the bikes, the fairings developed have had some substantial differences with each of their predecessors. The designs have been essentially made to reduce the risk to the rider and the bike during racing since most of the fairings are equipped on racing type Honda motorcycles. It should however be noted that fairings can be installed on any type of bike as they can be customize to meet ones motorcycle’s exact specifications.

For many racers, the need for optimal racing performance is what drives them to acquire and install motorcycle fairings. Honda motorcycles seek not only to deliver the greatest power and thrust available but also good handling and ease of maneuvering through the race track. This has been achieved by installing different types of fairings on the bikes. The quality of the motorcycle fairings depends on the type of modeling plastic used. In the case of the Honda NSR250R MC21 1990-1993 models, the fairings available are many and each has been suited to ensure maximum control and performance of the bike. These fairings have been made with the cutting edge technology of ABS high quality plastic which has a wide range of advantages. Some of the advantages offered by the use of ABS plastic include the provision of heat shielding which has been instrumental in protecting the bikes against extreme heat hazards. The use of ABS plastic has also resulted in the production of lighter fairings which motorcycle lovers agree has been a major advantage as the weight of the bike is not largely affected to the point of impacting its overall performance. These fairings can be bought either as a complete set or one can choose which parts of the bike are in need of them. The Honda CBR1000RR 2008-2009 model have quite an admirable set of fairings. Several fairings that have been made with precision molding ensure that your fairings fit exactly on the bike since the slightest off set would cause instability during racing. This is because the any misplaced component can cause interference in the aerodynamics of the bike.

Some of the fairings come unpainted in order to give the customer a chance to choose the color scheme they most desire on their bikes. The Honda fairings come in a wide variety of choices which include the following. A full fairing kit is available to Honda motorcycles like the CBR 1000RR models and provides a range of important features. Such fairings come with a high windscreen that seeks to protect the rider from blasts of wind while the lower kit ensures protection of both the engine and chassis in the event of an accident or crash. The high windscreen also helps in ensuring that the bike does not loose speed during racing as without it, the rider would cause an opposing force as a result of windblasts.

A half fairing is also available for most of the Honda motorcycles but do not offer as many features as the full fairing set. They do however come with the high windscreens and also cover the areas below the handle bars. Due to their growing popularity some manufactures are opting to fit this type of fairing as soon as the bikes get off the production line. Due to the growing number of motorcycle lovers the Honda Company has come up with an initiative that gives the bike owners a chance to design and customize fairings according to their desires which has been extremely helpful in making the company among one of the top fairing dealers. An example of customizable fairing is available for the Honda VFR800 interceptor 2002-2008 model.

For those looking to own Honda motorcycle fairings, they should not shy away due to the prices. A serious biker should not compromise on the quality of fairings they choose to install on their bikes since they affect the bike’s final handling. This means that the wrong choice of fairings could lead to a mishap during riding that might either damage valuable parts of the bike or even injure the rider. The cost of fairings varies slightly and the main considering factor is what the rider personally needs. Customized fairings will tend to be more expensive than the manufacture’s design since custom made molds will need to be used in creating this type of motorcycle fairing. Different dealers will give some discounts according to the number of fairings purchased while others will give special discounts to various people such as military personnel.

The Honda motorcycle fairings have revolutionized bike races. Regardless of the year’s make or model type Honda motorcycle fairings are widely available. If there are no dealerships that deal in fairings in your area, you can visit some internet websites that might give you an avenue of acquiring them. They provide shipping services to any part of the world at a small fee. It is however greatly encouraged to seek a body shop to fit your bike with the fairings once received as they have both the right tools for the job and professionals who are able to make the required adjustments should the fairing not fit exactly to your bike’s model.

Apart from ABS plastic, Honda motorcycle fairings may be made from fiberglass material. Fairings made from fiberglass have several advantages over ABS such as being lighter and long lasting. In case of damage they can be repaired to give the same consistency as the original piece. Carbon fiber may also be used in the creation of the fairings and Honda motorcycles used in high speed racing are fitted with these fairings since although they are a bit expensive they are lightest among all other materials.


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