An overview of the Ninja ZX-250R fairings

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The tough ABS plastic fairing is easy to fit and will give your bike an instantly smart new look. This is an inexpensive and quick and easy way to bring an updated touch to your bike. Why not take an immediate action!!

The fairing compatible the following bikes:


  • Fairing sets that are brand new.
  • Colors are specific with customer requests.
  • It is fitted with one complete seat.
  • Is easy to install as the fitting holed are drilled before fitting it in.
  • 1005 ABS high quality plastic.
  • Doesn’t have a fitment problem as is made by molding injection.

Among other details, this fairing is renowned for tits long life durability. The ABS material being used is a state of the art compound that has redefined longevity.

When Kawasaki did its annual tally on sales, the Ninja proved to be the bike to envy. Its sales have been constantly rising and fairings proved to be part if this reason. Kawasaki motorbike fairings therefore decided that they will take a deep venture into enhancing the development of theses fairings. This bike has a dynasty that reflects on the modern day technology and old age ideas fitted into one fairing. Some of the enhancements that have been made on its fairings are:

  • Sporting nostrils
  • A headlight hole that is filled in
  • A tails section that houses one sporty seat
  • A gazed front fender

As of now the below are a few of Ninjas fairing details.


The upper fairing: In the fairing pieces, this is the upper of the two pieces on the top. It’s mainly made up of half top of the left and right lowers. The shrouds of the radiators are also part and parcel of this puzzle. Since the Ninja is a both off and on road bike, this fairing is lowered to support both terrains. It covers to reflect a unique body that is cool and customized to fit a street motorcycle. The font part that holds the headlights, id tailored to be manipulation, depending on the style you wish to achieve.


The lower fairing: It is made of two pieces to achieve a complete sporty look. It is actually the half bottom of both sides. Its beauty lies on the radiator that has its shroud as well as the belly pan which is designed to house all this in a single unit. If you need satisfaction look it up in the racing world, and you will be amazed how widely it has been used.

The upper side of the ZX6R1C fairing

All fairings are meaning less, if the upper part does not give out an outstanding resolution. It is for this reason that fairings for Kawasaki have taken a keen detail approach on their Ninja fairing. If you want to have the ultimate take off, that matches with your headlights, you are home. A fairing that can be cut to various models, it is ideal for custom manipulation. From “cats eyes” to all other definitions, this fairing is above all other of its like.

The right ZX6R faring (lower)

When you are down in spirit, probably it’s because you previous fairing has crushed. Here is an ideal replacement for your crashed one. It is extremely light in weight, and is a panel which fits al Kawasaki bikes. The calibration, and accuracy taken when molding theses pieces is a custom for custom output product label. To save you yourself from the usual stocking panels, this is ultimately the apex of upper firing you can ever find on the market.

The Sporty racing tail

This piece fits into both the left and right sides of the seats. It’s also aggregated with the single seta, that makes it super cool, and of course, the area around the tail. Without pointing that it is the best tail on the fairing market, be aware that it ahs been given the “go ahead” by most if not all racing orgs.

Methods of paying up:

As long as cash is safely delivered, paying for your fairing is a stress free activity.

Handling and shipping details

  • FEDEX, DHL and EMS are the only option you can choose fro having your goods delivered.
  • It normally takes between 6 to 10 hours for your fairings to be delivered.
  • Shipping the items is arranged for just two days after you have purchased the fairings. (working days)
  • All taxes imposed on importing, are catered for by the buyers.

Application reture

  • There is a 29 day warranty for goods.
  • Items can be returned before 30 days upon receiving are over.

As you need clothes, so does your bike need fairings, grab a Kawasaki model today and make your bike and you happy.


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