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>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Motorbike fairings design is one of the challenging and rewarding fields in the motorbike industry. These fairings are necessary to incorporate in order to encounter the high drag intensities and aero heating phenomenon during high speeds. Styling is the term which is interchangeable with design in this regard. Fairing design involves the research on high tech composite materials, production methodologies and aerodynamic design. Styling is mainly achieved through innovative sketches, rendering before going into 3D modeling and CFD analysis phase. Most of the engineers use CAD applications to perform the sketching work, and 3D modeling software like Solid works, Pro-Engineer, Autodesk Inventor etc to perform 3D modeling, after the preliminary design CFD analysis is to be carried with actual boundary conditions. After the manufacturing phase, these fairings are subjected to wind tunnel testing to wet the design. Usually ABS plastic and Fiberglass materials are incorporated for production of designed fairings with different manufacturing techniques. Stylist and engineers work in different dimensions but try to fulfill each other’s needs, success of the final product depends heavily on the level of cooperation between these often conflicting needs. Designers and experts try to evaluate the design based on personal tastes or preferences.

Yamaha design team is committed to excellence to provide its customers with large variety of solutions. Yamaha is competing with number of industries in this field. Hence it requires a certain level of commitment and innovative ideas with a breakthrough technology. The competition is keeping the research work alive. Yamaha is fully aware of this situation and committed to provide the world the better solutions and products. Yamaha has developed fairings for all of its motorbike products and achieved high efficiency with optimum cost. Yamaha is also offering manufacturing of customized designs of user’s choice in order to enhance the vision of customers as well.


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