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>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Human-machine psychology is the key parameter of success to achieve when we talk about intelligent designing of motorbikes. Besides other high tech mechanical and electrical equipments, motorbike frame structure plays an important role in performance to achieve target results. Fairings have become the integral part of frames, which are shells placed on the motorbike frame. These fairings incorporate smooth airflow during the high speeds and therefore reducing the high drag intensities. Furthermore intelligent and efficient design of these fairings results in high aerodynamic efficiency. Over the period of time, speed has become the dream and passion for the mankind. To fulfill this dream and requirement, Yamaha has come up with number of solutions in the field of design and manufacturing.

Efficient and optimum design of the motorbike fairings, involves the high level commitment and innovative research mythologies. Yamaha design team is fully aware of the requirement and paying attention to all aspects of product development. High tech composite materials are used to reduce the weight and increase the rigidity and strength of the structure. Weight reduction of the fairings incorporates the efficient fuel consumption with improvement in engine performance. Yamaha has won number of titles in motorbike racing with its innovative ideas in styling and engineering. Research on special engineering materials is still in progress to protect the rider from the airborne hazards and wind-induced hypothermia. Perfect blend of style and precise engineering excellence is the key of success of Yamaha in fairing design. Yamaha has covered fairing designs for all of its products, providing the user with number of styles and options, each of which is equally efficient and optimized to perform and meet target results.

Yamaha motorbike fairings are reliable and getting high level of appreciation all over the world for its intelligent design. To facilitate its value added customers, Yamaha is offering worldwide free shipment of these fairings.


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