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Motorbike racing is one of the world's most watched sports all over the world. Soon after the successful experiment of the hydrocarbon fueled automobiles, the speed became the greatest motive and dream. The first race ever organized was on November 29, 1895 and soon after the first race; an international competition began between nations rather than individuals. It captured the interest of many investors and designers as modern motorbike racing is centered on modern technologies with lots of corporate sponsors and generous public interest. Events are regulated to only allow motorbikes of a certain design to participate. Professionals and Students at colleges and universities also take part in designing and building a motorbike as a multidisciplinary team, and racing it at the competition for high speed performance. It involved the benefits of teamwork and promoting motorsport and engineering.

Beside the high powered engine and other mechanical components, fairing shells are placed over the frame of motorbike. These fairings have to be placed at front and rear to produce down force and enhance adhesion to the track. Primary purpose of these fairings is to reduce the air drag to enhance the speed of the automobile. The secondary functions are the protection of the rider from airborne hazards and wind-induced hypothermia and of the engine components in the case of an accident. A motorbike windshield may be an integral part of the fairing. These fairings are also beneficial in terms of reduction in fuel consumption. Furthermore the reduction in aerodynamic load (drag), allows the bike for taller gearing which enhances the engine life. Another aspect was the enormous engine heat which was also the real issue in warmer climes. The rear side fairing solves this issue while it serves as a heat sink.Yamaha is now one of the world’s largest industries in the respective field of motorbikes. Yamaha came up with the brilliant engineering designs and won number of competitions world wide. Yamaha fairings are constructed to withstand wear and tear from extreme stunts. These fairings are constructed by the expert designers and fabricators of the field. Yamaha fairings have been designed withstand wear and tear from extreme stunts, these fairings may carry head lights, and other indicators which reduce the weight of motorbike frame hence enhances the efficiency.

Yamaha Fairing Types

1. Full-fairing:

Yamaha Full fairing covers both upper and lower portions of the motorbike. The fairing on a race or sport bike is meant as an aerodynamic aid, so the windscreen is rarely looked through. If the rider is sitting up at speed he will be buffeted by his rapid progress through the air and act as a parachute, slowing the bike, while if the rider lies flat on the tank behind the windscreen he generates much less aerodynamic drag. Full fairings can also provide protection to the engine and chassis in the event of a crash where the fairings, rather than the engine covers and/or frame, slide on the road.

2. Streamliner:

This is also full fairing as found on land speed record machines. The entire body of the motorbike is covered to provide the lowest drag coefficient ratio attainable.

3. Dolphin fairing:

It was called so because in early models the front wheel mud guard streamlined with the rising windshield part of the fairing resembled the dolphin's beak from the side view.

4. Half-fairing:

Yamaha half faring features a windscreen and fairing extending at least below the handlebars, even as far as down to the sides of the cylinder block, though generally half-fairing doesn't cover the sides of the crankcase or gear box.

5. Quarter fairing

This is also called as ‘bikini fairing’ as this kind of fairing covers the windscreen and headlights of the motorbike frame.

6. Belly pan:

Quarter and half fairings are often paired with a belly pan below the engine for diverting air flow away from under the engine to reduce aerodynamic lift, as well as cosmetic reasons. Some track day or racing rules require belly pans to catch

Yamaha Fairing Materials

1. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic

ABS is commonly used for sport bikes and popular in fairing manufacturers due to its strong, flexible and light weight properties. The advantage of ABS over other plastics is that it combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene with the toughness of polybutadiene rubber. The proportions of each property are set to meet the target results.

2. Fiberglass

It is made of woven fibers, and is used as a reinforcing agent for many polymer products. Fiberglass fairings are commonly used on the race track. In most cases fiberglass is lighter, and more durable than ABS Plastic. Damaged fiberglass can be repaired by applying new layers of woven fiberglass cloth mixed with a polymer such as epoxy, over the damaged area followed sanding and finishing.

Yamaha Fairing Manufacturing Techniques

1. For Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic

There are two common methods of producing ABS plastic fairing: injection and compression.

a. Injection molds: ABS plastic is melted and injected into mold cavity. Constant pressure is applied to allow for material shrinkage. The plastic then cools and hardens in the mold. Advantage of this technique is the production of uniform thickness throughout the work piece.

b. Compression molds: The technique for this kind of manufacturing involves the pouring of the preheated plastic in the mould which then requires a certain pressure to take a shape of that mould.

2. Composite based Fairing (Fiberglass)

Layers of fiberglass have to be placed in a mould with the help of hand-layup technique and a film of epoxy resin is then applied as a adhesive, excessive adhesive is then suck out with the help of vacuum technology and then composite fairing is left for curing cycle which takes 8-10 hours dependent on the environment and method used.

Yamaha is offering fairings for its number of motorbike products. It includes series YZF-600R, FJR-1300, YZF-R6S, YZF-R6 and YZF-R1. These fairings are available in number of designs and colors. Yamaha is also offering its value added customers to deliver customized designs of their own choice with worldwide free shipment of these fairings.

3. Yamaha Motorbike Fairings

To design the motorbike of elegant appearance, breakthrough technology with optimum cost, is everyone’s dream today. The design, production approaches and methodologies are keeping the competition alive. It involves high level of innovative ideas and commitment. Design phase starts with the 2Dsketching & 3d modeling and then analysis work is carried out using different CFD and structural analysis techniques. Mostly team of professional engineers and experts collaborate in every phase of project development to come out with a breakthrough technology. Designers emphasize more on outlook and on human-machine interface psychology, where as engineers try to come out with breakthrough technology in structural, aerodynamic and mechanical design. Yamaha is competing with Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Ducati, KTM & Piaggio and many other industries working in the same field. In this scenario, it is vital for the organization to come up with more attractive and efficient package for its value added customers.

Motorbike fairing design is one of the important phases in this project. It involves high tech research in material development which withstands wear and tear from extreme stunts. The production methodologies, material selection and aerodynamic design differs the one product from the other. Primary objective of the fairing design involves the air drag reduction to achieve high speeds. Secondary objectives are to protect the rider from the airborne hazards and wind-induced hypothermia. The optimum design of fairings improves the fuel consumption and engine performance. Furthermore the reduction in aerodynamic load (drag), allows the bike for taller gearing which enhances the engine life. Yamaha covered the fairing design for all Yamaha motorbike series. These fairings have achieved high aerodynamic efficiency with optimum cost, and Yamaha is still trying to come up with more innovative ideas to satisfy the customer demands. To facilitate customers around the globe, Yamaha is offering free shipment of these fairings.

Yamaha Motorbike Fairings

Motorbike fairings design is one of the challenging and rewarding fields in the motorbike industry. These fairings are necessary to incorporate in order to encounter the high drag intensities and aero heating phenomenon during high speeds. Styling is the term which is interchangeable with design in this regard. Fairing design involves the research on high tech composite materials, production methodologies and aerodynamic design. Styling is mainly achieved through innovative sketches, rendering before going into 3D modeling and CFD analysis phase. Most of the engineers use CAD applications to perform the sketching work, and 3D modeling software like Solid works, Pro-Engineer, Autodesk Inventor etc to perform 3D modeling, after the preliminary design CFD analysis is to be carried with actual boundary conditions. After the manufacturing phase, these fairings are subjected to wind tunnel testing to wet the design. Usually ABS plastic and Fiberglass materials are incorporated for production of designed fairings with different manufacturing techniques. Stylist and engineers work in different dimensions but try to fulfill each other’s needs, success of the final product depends heavily on the level of cooperation between these often conflicting needs. Designers and experts try to evaluate the design based on personal tastes or preferences.

Yamaha design team is committed to excellence to provide its customers with large variety of solutions. Yamaha is competing with number of industries in this field. Hence it requires a certain level of commitment and innovative ideas with a breakthrough technology. The competition is keeping the research work alive. Yamaha is fully aware of this situation and committed to provide the world the better solutions and products. Yamaha has developed fairings for all of its motorbike products and achieved high efficiency with optimum cost. Yamaha is also offering manufacturing of customized designs of user’s choice in order to enhance the vision of customers as well.

Yamaha Motorbike Fairings

Human-machine psychology is the key parameter of success to achieve when we talk about intelligent designing of motorbikes. Besides other high tech mechanical and electrical equipments, motorbike frame structure plays an important role in performance to achieve target results. Fairings have become the integral part of frames, which are shells placed on the motorbike frame. These fairings incorporate smooth airflow during the high speeds and therefore reducing the high drag intensities. Furthermore intelligent and efficient design of these fairings results in high aerodynamic efficiency. Over the period of time, speed has become the dream and passion for the mankind. To fulfill this dream and requirement, Yamaha has come up with number of solutions in the field of design and manufacturing.

Efficient and optimum design of the motorbike fairings, involves the high level commitment and innovative research mythologies. Yamaha design team is fully aware of the requirement and paying attention to all aspects of product development. High tech composite materials are used to reduce the weight and increase the rigidity and strength of the structure. Weight reduction of the fairings incorporates the efficient fuel consumption with improvement in engine performance. Yamaha has won number of titles in motorbike racing with its innovative ideas in styling and engineering. Research on special engineering materials is still in progress to protect the rider from the airborne hazards and wind-induced hypothermia. Perfect blend of style and precise engineering excellence is the key of success of Yamaha in fairing design. Yamaha has covered fairing designs for all of its products, providing the user with number of styles and options, each of which is equally efficient and optimized to perform and meet target results.

Yamaha motorbike fairings are reliable and getting high level of appreciation all over the world for its intelligent design. To facilitate its value added customers, Yamaha is offering worldwide free shipment of these fairings.


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