3. Honda motorbike fairings

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honda motorbike fairings are becoming more and more necessary in the racing world of motorcycles and other areas.

These Honda fairings are widely used in different applications such as on police motorbikes to enhance their speed and handling. Honda police motorbikes have full fairings which equip the bikes with a high windshield that contributes to the enhancement of the aerodynamics. The development of the fairings has been gradual since their use dates back to the early 1920s. The Honda motorbike fairings are far better than their predecessors since the early versions of fairings were unable to maintain stability of the bikes during high speed races. Recent versions of the Honda motorbike fairings have been instrumental in the reduction of air drag and aerodynamic lift.

There have been several debates of late on the suitability of OEM fairings to aftermarket fairings. OEM fairings are more expensive than after market fairings and could cause the motorcycle owner to part with up to 30% of the total cost of the bike. This has led to the need for cheaper while at the same time durable fairings and this is what contributed to the popularity of after market fairings. It should be noted that both fairings are made using the same technology and if anything aftermarket fairings give a chance to owners to customize their designs. Honda motorbike fairings are widely available from after market distributors who ensure a maximum fit on each different bike.

The materials making up the fairings vary and have a variety of different properties which make them suitable for their use on various bikes. ABS high grade plastic is mostly used due to its strength in comparison with other plastics and flexibility. It also has comes complete with heat shield technology that protects the components from heat hazards. The number of parts in a full fairing set varies with each set but the customer has a choice in selecting fairings that they deem most essential to their bikes. Fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer are used in making other types of Honda motorcycle fairings with the latter being more expensive than the rest. The use of fiber glass is advantageous since they can be repaired in case of any damage and restored to a close to new state. The use of lighter parts in racing type motorbikes has been paramount due to the fact that they do not interfere with the bikes weight. This is important to maintain due to the fact that an increase in weight of the bike may result in higher fuel consumption or adverse effects on handling.

Motorcycle owners looking to buy good quality fairings may turn to the internet as there are a variety of websites that deal in the sale and distribution of the Honda fairings. The prices can not be termed as cheap but rather affordable as compared to the manufacturer’s price. Once the motorcycle owner gets the fairings, they are advised to take them to a body shop with qualified personnel who can fit the fairings with ease.


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