The importance of Honda motorbike fairings

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The development of Honda motorbike fairings has been extremely helpful to many different individuals. Top among this list have been the designers and producers of this invaluable component to modern day bikes. They have benefited from this component by gaining employment and a chance of showcasing their talents in their various designs. The producers of these fairings have also gained extreme exposure since their brand names appear on the fairings and are advertised in various places such as during races. From gaining such exposure the companies have been able to generate extremely high revenues. Apart from the obvious economic benefits, the development of the Honda motorbike fairings has been instrumental in the ensuring of safety among racers and riders in general due to their unique features.

By installation of the high windshield, safety of the rider is guaranteed from various environmental hazards such as wind pressure that would cause harm to the rider’s chest. The windshield also ensures that no speed is lost during racing as a result of the rider acting as an opposing force due to the wind pressure acting on him. Some of the race tracks require all sports bikes to be fitted with fairings in order to compete in races since the use of them makes the bike have better handling and ease maneuvering which has been extremely helpful in the prevention of racetrack accidents.

Great thought should be put in the choice of motorcycle fairings as a wrong choice would have disastrous effects during riding. As seen by the early fairings developed around the 1920s, they caused the bikes to wobble at high speeds and led to the loss of control. The main use of Honda motorbike fairings has been the reduction of drag coefficient and lift which are both disastrous when acting on the bikes at high speeds. They are also helpful in the streamlining both the rider and the bike which ensures the least amount of resistance acts on the bike.

Deep consideration was placed in the choice of the Honda fairing material. This is because when heavy materials were used in the fairings, there was a considerable change in weight of the bike which was not desirable. Any considerable weight addition to the bikes resulted in reduced performance and power of the bike. Materials such as ABS high quality plastic, fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer were the ones manufacturers settled on. The advantages of ABS plastic over other plastic materials were their flexibility, strength and durability. The fact that they were also made with heat shield technology was an added bonus to the motorcycle owners since hazards brought about by heat would be greatly reduced. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is used on extreme sports bikes as this is the lightest material available for Honda motorcycle fairings. Fiber glass has the advantage of being repaired and lighter than ABS plastic. For those seeking to equip their Honda motorcycles with fairings, they are encouraged to get the best value for their money by purchasing quality fairings by spending as much as their budget allows them on these parts.


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