Honda fairings influence on motorcycles

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fairings are motorcycle components installed on bikes in order to enhance their handling, performance and reduce aerodynamic lift. The use of fairings has been around almost as long as the bikes have been which goes to show their extreme importance in the industry.

Honda fairings have been manufactured by the use of different technologies and materials which has contributed to the components widespread popularity. The use of materials like ABS high quality plastic has resulted in the production of relatively cheaper and substantially lighter fairings. ABS plastic has a range of advantages over other plastics such as its flexibility and strength. Two main methods are used in the production of ABS fairings which are by the use of injection or compression molds. Honda fairings made by the use of injection molds are most desirable since they are quite precise during fitting on bikes and the fairings produced have a consistent thickness and texture through out. The use of compression molds has the disadvantage of producing non consistent fairings which may need to be altered during the installation process. Other materials used in the manufacture of Honda fairings include carbon fiber reinforced polymer and fiberglass.

Since most of the Honda fairings are made from molds, the designs can be customized according to the owner’s or racer’s specifications. The manufacturers also provide unpainted molds to the customer so as to give them a chance to choose a color that would be more appealing to them. The Honda fairings vary in shape depending on the Honda’s year of make and model. It should be noted that fairings, even for almost similar models should not be interchanged since each of the bikes have their own unique design.

Some of the types of the Honda motorcycle fairings include; full fairings, streamliner and dolphin fairings. Full fairings offer a high windshield that protects the rider from wind related hazards and prevent the rider from making the bike loose speed. The dolphin fairing is placed just above the front tire, however not in the same position as the mudguard. Its main purpose is the streamlining and distribution of air currents that hit the front of the bike. Streamliner fairings on the other hand cover the whole motorcycle and seek to create as little drag force as possible during high speed travel.

For those who are interested in purchasing the Honda fairings, various avenues are available so as to acquire them. A visit to your local motorcycle dealership should be the first considerations as the parts are quality assured and may even come with some sort of warranty. If one is not in close proximity to a motorcycle dealership, a quick look through the internet might provide you with possible options. Internet sites dedicated to the sale and distribution of motorcycles and their parts come in handy. By giving customers some discounts and providing shipping services, one can be able to acquire Honda motorcycle fairings from nearly any part of the world and it would be delivered at their font door step.


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